Loose Leaf

Love Potion, a Kansas City local blend

Love Potion, a Kansas City local blend

Loose-leaf tea is beautiful, full flavored and great for you. Our teas are not brewed in a traditional teabag. When you steep loose-leaf tea, it has (or should have) room for tea leaves to absorb water and expand as they infuse. This allows the water to flow through the leaves and extract a wide range of vitamins, minerals, flavors and aromas from the leaves.

A difference between loose teas and bagged teas is the size of the leaves. That’s what effects the resulting cup of tea. Tea leaves contain chemicals and essential oils, which are the basis for the delightful flavor of tea. When the tea leaves are broken up, those oils can evaporate, leaving a dull and tasteless tea. Typical tea bags are filled with the tiniest pieces of broken leaves, called fannings. Loose teas are typically whole leaves or at least large pieces of leaves.

You can purchase our loose leaf teas by the cup or you can purchase tea by the ounce to bring home and prepare. We also carry tea accessories for the best tasting tea.